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About Us


Who We Are:

 Quality Toner is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta and offers support to businesses that seek an alternative approach to printing. Alternative approaches became my focus due to the “acceptable waste” I discovered as becoming all too evident.

After being asked if i could exchange old toner cartridges for new stock i began investigating and learned that my client was looking to dispose of 4-5k in left over toners that were gathering dust in the stockroom. In addition, i learned how much money was being spent on repairs to printers that were at the end of their lifespan, and where a replacement was the same as repairing. Furthermore, the choices to replace were based on what was on sale, not what was a good fit for the use.

We studied the challenges that exist within the printing environment: leftover unused and unopened toner waste, money spent on repairs that cost more than a new printer, color printer selection for a job that only requires black ink, and so on.

If any of these issues are familiar to you, there are different approaches that keep the waste to minimum.

We don’t sell “Toner”, we sell an approach to printing that minimizes waste and ensures a smooth operation.

If you knew what we know, you’d never repair another printer, never buy OEM at 2-3x the price of a good compatible, and staff wouldn’t have to deal with the extra burden of managing an imperfect process.


 Money back guarantee, thorough product testing and full warranty – If you’re not happy, you do not pay!


Everybody hates buying toner. When it comes to buying toner for your printers, we all feel like we’re getting ripped off. How can ink be that expensive? Is it made of gold?

There are other alternatives! Premium compatible toners have quality equal to OEM’s at half the price. We have tested and proven our brands with amazing success.

We have never had our toners damage a printer.

We don’t refill. Our products are manufactured with brand new parts.


Our Clients Enjoy:

 Products that match the Quality of OEM
 Access to thousands of compatible toner options
 Reliable service and support
 Shipping across Canada
 Free shipping on orders over $50
 Recycling program

We look forward to helping you cut costs.

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